DS had his speech-language assessment today for his language delay. He is 27 months and we were offered the assessment by his ENT. Although we aren't particularly worried, we decided to go and see if they had any useful suggestions. The outcome was that, at 27 months, he has the expressive language of an 18-24 month old. Not too concerning, said the lady, except when you compare it to his 36+ month comprehension (she figured he would have scored much higher but the test only scored to that age). Given that, there is a larger gap between expressive vs. comprehension and therefore, in their eyes, maybe more reason to intervene? She was scratching her head about it when we left.

So, not sure if it is good to brag about the comprehension given the other part of it, but who cares! His sister was 3.5 before she talked and she turned out OK. In any event, he had a great time showing what he knew.

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