I am realizing that I may have made a mistake sending my 6 yr old to public school. She is in 1st grade now. She has a 4.0 without putting any effort at all, (and what I mean is I cannot get her to put any effort into it.) She hates school. She hated Kindergarten, because she already knew everything taught and she refused to do the work she was assigned but still passed with flying colors. I had her tested for the schools TAG program and she didn't qualify, for it based on that stupid test, which has always suprised me considering one other child in her class who did make it, I have to wonder whether or not my childs test was switched with another students, because she told me that she did not put her name on hers. I just don't see how the school can so easily miss her abilities, and in the meantime just let her rot away without any challenge. We are talking about a child who talked fluently at age 8 months, who could talk fully conversational,as if adult, by age 12 months, so much so, that at age 18 months old she was allowed to join ballet class in a school that the very youngest students ever allowed were age 4. but she was allowed because of her maturity and her eagerness to learn. This child also could read as a baby too! This is not the half of it, she is super creative, always chimming in with a very unexpected response to things, not usually mainstream at all. Her school has yet to identify her?? I don't know what to do for her, but I am so frustrated because she hates school, and feels alone in her class. It's heart breaking to see this happen to a child who has so much potential. I wish that I had never sent her to public school now and am worried that it may be too late to reinstill any new habits in her since she has basically given up on school and become lazy. I have a hard time teaching her, always have, as she would never sit still long enough for me to show her anything, so home schooling probably would be very difficult on us both. I am sorry to vent, but just feel overwhelmed currently. I only found this board today, and am just beginning the process of trying to find the answer for her education, but can clearly see it's not public school, and I would welcome any advice.