Dd4 is doing really well with her k curriculum, it seems to be a good fit, and there is little complaining about getting up and going, so I think that is a great sign!
I don't even know what to make of this, though: I read every night to her, all kinds of things, but in the last 2 months her only pick has been books on space. One night having run out of 8-10 year old books on space, I grabbed my dh's old college astronomy text and read for a while on Jupiter, etc. Figured she wasn't even listening because she didn't object and then eventually fell asleep.
So I have been picking up more kid books from the used store here and there, but found a really great one on the history of the revolution in thinking about the solar system starting with Copernicus and going from there, not a kid book. I was reading along, and I thought, oh no way is she even listening, so I stopped, and immediately she says 'Keep reading!!'. Like, no way is she getting a lot of this, but who really knows??