DS19 is really "blossoming".... I don't mention him much because he is already in college, but he is also MG (probably just MG, but maybe higher). Last year, he buckled down and got fabulous grades. He's already off to a good start for that this year. He has had a lot of (college) Major changes due to his multiple interests. He is now thinking of Minoring in one of his interests as well, which would help let him pursue more than one of his interests. (Chemistry as a minor, Enviromental Engineering as a Major, I believe is what he settled on last, but he's also tried out Physics and Computer Sciences {he's one of the top programmers in the nation, according to the FBLA contest he was in} )
This summer, he had a injury/illness of his lung which required some surgery and almost a week's stay in the hospital. He *plowed* through books on math and science.
I think coming from the reluctant reader, kid who dropped out of gifted programs because they were too much work, and performed not nearly up to his potential in high school, I think he has turned into a very fine young man laugh.