I must admit that I was really tempted with dd9. Her bd is Sept. 27th and the local districts had cut-offs of "5 by June 30th" or "5 by Sept. 15th" depending on the district. Colorado is a "local education authority state" meaning that different districts can set their own cut-offs although no one is later than October 1st b/c the state doesn't fund kids with bds after that.

I was contemplating changing the 2 in 27 to a 0 and making it September 07. What finally stopped me was that I didn't want to ask my dd to lie or to lie to her about her actual bd.

We actually wound up lucking out in that one of the districts changed their cut-off to "5 by Oct. 1st" just before she started so we started her there and then moved her to the Sept. 15 district in 1st grade. At that point, they didn't talk about making her repeat K b/c she was advanced and had already completed it in another public school. Had we gone with private, they would have been trying to make her repeat K, though.
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