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Well, he is very difficult.

They had this really complex miniature train system set up and he made me hold him up for 10 minutes so he could inspect it. If I had put him on top of the glass case where he really wanted to be, he would have been on all fours inspecting it until midnight. He screamed for another 10 minutes because I wanted to go look at something else.

We have to carefully think through what we do with him because he will argue with us or come back with something original.

For instance, just today he was being a handful and DW told him.

"Mr W, if you keep doing that, we'll make a trip to the bathroom and you won't like that!"

"Oh, I'll like it Mommy! IIIII WILLLL LIIIIKKE ITTTT!!!"

On other occasions, lately, he will call our bluff. We'll threaten with holding something from him. He will go get it and hand it to us then keep doing what he was doing. Or, get it and wave it around, taunting us with, "Here it is. Come get it."

I'm not sure if this belongs on the brag thread, but your Mr. W reminds me so much of DS13.

In 6th grade, the first month after his gradeskip and school change, a teacher said: 'How would you like a detention?'
Apparently DS calmly pulled out his planner, and said:
'What day would be good for you?'

When the teacher told us this story, he said that he was so flustered that he changed the subject and didn't pursue the detention.

We explained that DS wasn't great with decoding sarcasm, and that it's really really important that the teacher follow through on any threats consistiently. But the end of the year that teacher was DS's biggest fan, but it was rough going. Midyear the teacher said: 'I don't dislike your son as much as I used to.'

DS13 was in tears, sobbing, at age 6 because he wanted to give up his Nintendo Gameboy because we used it to disipline him, and he felt that it was unbearable to be treated this way, and yet he couldn't bring himself to give up the Gameboy. Until this minute I thought that was quite impressive.

My only advice is to praise, praise,praise, in detail and with great enthusiasm, any small hints of obedience or flexibility Mr. W shows. You may also try letting him overhear you discussing his wonderful obedience and flexibility with your wife or family members whenever he gives you the opening. I don't know if this would work, but I figure its worth a try.

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