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I was reading an article by Karen Pryor where she describes school that use methods similar to clicker training that is used for dolphins, horses, and dogs.

I also had a chance to visit the Century School, when I gave a graduate seminar at the school of Education at the University of Kansas a couple of years ago. What a treat. All ages, all ranges, all working at their individual Best, all positive reinforcement, all progress all the time. One little boy proudly showed me his math chart-his rate of improvement made a line going at about a 45% angle, in other words he was improving steadily and fast. He was eight. He was doing algebra. He was not some supergenius, he was just getting the information he needed and developing the skills and being reinforced consistently, so that's where it took him. Another little girl of about the same age proudly showed me her chart, which she also kept herself, and she was improving fast too; but her chart was for life-skills (tie shoes, come on time, hang up coat, etc.) A child with some developmental delays; but she had confidence, social skills, good manners, and was beaming with pride, and learning fast, just like the algebra boy. She was 'mainstreamed' alright-in a mixed age, mixed task room-and she was getting the right education for her right then. She told me she had just earned the right to go to the library (in another building) by herself. She was thrilled. Yes, I was thrilled for her.

The teachers are having fun all the time because they, too, are a) free to work in their own way, at their own speed (which is top speed) with a really interesting bunch of animals (kids are a lot of fun to shape behavior in) and under the tutelage of top 'clicker trainers,' not punishers. Most of them are getting their MA's or Ph.D's as they work, plus getting paid.

Soo...if you wondered where you could go with your clicker skills, there's plenty of room for pioneering in education.

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Now that's a fine example, in my mind, of how the entity theory of intelligence and the incremental theory can work hand in hand!

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