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I received this from Nathaniel's (he's 6, in 1st grade) teacher, and just had to share !!! He was tested recently for the school's "gifted" program, and passed with flying colors smile

""" I haven't seen the individual tests, but the composite scores are certainly more than impressive! Nathaniel is an amazingly gifted child in so many ways. Academically he is more advanced than any child I have ever taught. But even more than that, he is a delightful person. He is funny and he understands humor. (I love having someone in the room who gets me!!) He is kind and caring to other people and has a deeply empathetic nature. Watching him help some of my students who struggle warms my heart. He does not judge others who may not be as bright as he is, instead, he is happy to help with a word, share a strategy, or encourage. Nathaniel's behavior is appropriate for his age, he readily accepts challenges, and is just a wonderfully well-rounded individual. I am so lucky to know him, and you as well"""

Needless to say I'm a very proud mommy - and what an e-mail to get on Mother's Day !

You should be proud - what a lovely email to get!
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