DD3.5 was at a birthday party for a school mate yesterday and her little friend was very upset that his lovely dinosaur pinata was going to get a beating. He refused to hit it himself, even throwing the stick away from everyone and proceeded to have a major meltdown about it where his mother had to hold him down. DD clearly saw all of this happening but it didn't stop her from taking her turn at the pinata. When it finally did break open and the candy was picked up; they tossed the pinata over the edge of the yard (where there was a ditch) and informed the poor little guy that it was the dinosaur's grave. He stood there for a little while looking at the carcass of what use to be his dinosaur and was clearly still upset. DD walked up to him and put her little hand on his back giving him a little rub and talked to him for a little bit which seemed to calm him down and they headed off to have birthday cake together. DD really has such an awareness and high empathy.