DS drew a happy face.

I'm not actually sure he INTENDED to draw a happy face, but at 367 days old, getting a circle that was both round and closed is kinda... well... cool. Getting two dots and a curve inside and in the shape of a happy face was beyond cool, intentional or otherwise. His computer-illustrator-mom-who-can't-draw-on-paper-to-save-her-life was amused smile

Otherwise he's just been scribbling like a normal 1 yr old, so this is probably another one of his reading-ahead moments and it'll be a year before he does anything else recognisable smile

He then refused to even stand still without hanging on to something until his nap. (He walks all day when he wants to). The little nutcase.
DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!