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I found out the first week of summer that DD and BFF had incorrectly assumed that BFF was going to be held back. Both girls recognized the disparity between their abilities and incorrectly assumed that DD was "normal" and BFF was severely behind, which obviously wasn't the case.
...It was a mess, but I think we straightened it out. Of course BFF didn't flunk but they aren't in the same class this year, which is probably good, but severly dissapointing to DD.
(hands up in the air) These situations are so obscure and uncommon, you can't predict them and I'm still not sure if I handled it well.


Oh 'Neato!
This style of parenting isn't for the faint of heart! I'm sure you handled it as well as possible, and it sure is humbling to know that they are so unpredictable. Laser-like perceptions, and lack of world experience sure come together in interesting ways!

Interesting that this should happen to you, of all people, with you backround of needing to hide. I speculate that I've had more freedom to explain LOG openly, because of how I was raised. Basically my mom had developed the positon that she is normal, and what a shame that she is surrounded by stupid people, who are just being stupid on purpose. I figured that I wanted to take a different approach, and I couldn't do much worse than that. (Srry Mom, you've got a lot of great qualities, this just wasn't one of them!)

I held out until DS was age of 8 before I had the LOG talk. He was going to a gifted summer program, and I couldn't bear to have him feel left out in a place labled 'gifted.' Luckily that didn't happen! I think that in HG/PG families, like the birds and the bees, it's one of those talks that no one wants to have, but needs to be had on a regular basis, for everyone's protection. I run it as a talk about statistics, bell curve, and throw in a bit of philosophy about the limitations of IQ tests. Luck me that my audience of one is one of those kids who is gifted in the particular ways that made him ready to hear me so young. Dear Ones - Don't freak out if your PG kid just isn't interested at age 8, ok? That's his strength.

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