Thank you for all of your feedback. I think that we definitely need to take the route of achievement testing. I'm still confused anyways on what they are really looking for with a portfolio (could anyone just give me some ideas of what they submitted for a portfolio as I am just curious - even though I think at this point I am not going to go down that road). We did submit a space game he made in 2nd grade in which he researched EVERYTHING and created it all himself, an imaginative and humorous power point where he used his own "language" and a story that he wrote in 1st grade that had quite extensive vocabulary. We also told about a diorama that he made when he was three and knew EVERY dinosaur, their origin, habitats, and anything else you could think of about dinosaurs. He does love to play chess and is amazing at building things However, it has been harder to show his talents over the last year as he has had no support from the school and also because of financial constraints along with our lack of knowledge of what to do to help grow his natural abilities. I really think this is why we were looking for the support of DYS.

So it is a little bit of a downer but I'm ready to take the next step. I truly think an AT is the best way to go because to be honest I couldn't even tell you at what level my son is at. He is definitely above his grade level but whether it's two or three years I have no idea (the school won't allow him to do ANYTHING). So maybe these tests will help me figure this out. So which test do you think is the best especially if it is something we would like to have done sometime soon? And what is the difference between the independent tests and the group Achievement tests? Doesn't EXPLORE only offer testing twice a year? And if you do an independent test what kind of person do you need to do the test? I'm sorry about all the questions but I am sooooooo confused with all the test choices. NJMOM, do you know of anyone in Northern NJ or any testing centers? And then there's the looming question - will they do as well???

Also, LMOM thank you for pointing out that I can also get much of the support that I need from this wonderful forum. We do qualify for HEROES with his GAI which is a program in NJ so hopefully that will give us a place to start. I just want to say that my husband was reading some of your responses last night and he couldn't believe how wonderful and caring this community of people are. I am just so impressed with everyone's knowledge and compassion smile . Thank you and if any of you can answer some of my questions I would be so appreciative.

PS. As for portfolio my DS is 9 and I really don't have much from when he was younger - does anyone have any suggestions of what they did for this age - he is not a writer!!



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