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Whenever we asked him to read he said that he couldn't and we responded with, "Yes you can" since we knew he could since we had caught him reading a word or two prior to this.

Why do they do this?

Mr W will go off with a book and mouth the words. When we find him, he closes the book, smiles at us, and acts like he is playing. Little stinker!

There are probably lots of reasons they do that. But I think the biggest reason is toddlers still want to be babied. The smarter ones recognize if they can read they might be treated more like an adult and lose out on all those comforting things they are used to, and love. I read very early, but one of my favorite childhood memories is when mom tucked us into bed and read us a story. I still loved being read to when our 6th grade teacher read 'Johnny Tremain' to us in class.

Doesn't just apply to little ones. DD7 definitely downplays what she can do and even resists learning. I think she feels she can't compete with DS8 and also she LOVES being the Baby of the family. I am working really hard on trying to bring her out of this.