Mr W (23 mos ) and I were at the Mall over the weekend. While in line to pay for something, he was counting out loud and pointing at words on signs and saying them. The woman in front of us heard him and turned around to see him in my arms. She was clearly shocked and asked how old he was.

It is like another switch has tuned on. He will spend a long time looking at words on everything now. I got him on Starfall for reading this weekend after a long hiatus and had to drag him away after an hour. He wanted to go over the words constantly.

We took him to the movie theater to see the Princess and the Frog before Christmas. He sat enraptured all the way through the movie, laughing and saying, "Uh Oh."

He had not seen my family in a year but remembered everyone. He watched King Kong with my dad. It is the one with Naomi Watts. At the end, Kong starts to falter, and at that point, Mr W said, "Bye Bye Monkey. Bye Bye." My dad and MIL were floored.

His intensity is formidable. Sometimes he gets so upset, but we just get down to his level and tell him to use his words to tell us what he wants. This is working well.

There are a lot of bright kids in his Montessori school, and he is having a blast and cannot wait to go every morning. I just wonder how long he will be that way. I think he is six months away from being on par with all the 5 year olds.

At that point, we may have to look for a private tutor to spend time with him while at Montessori. He loves the social aspect. I wish we knew some other parents kids like him who lived near us.