Hello again - I received a summary of my son's Woodcock-Johnson III scores. Just wanted to make sure it still makes sense to submit and to see if anyone has any further thoughts.

Broad Reading 111
Broad Math 165
Broad Writing 114

He also had particularly low scores on sound blending and auditory attention. He was being evaluated for ADHD - haven't had the parent meeting to go over details yet, but she did tell me that she believes he has ADHD. He is more of the off in his own world type and has some trouble getting things done in class (except math of course - but then he has yet to see any math in school that would be relevant for him). He prefers to work very slowly and carefully on things.

I mentioned above, but here are his WISC scores:

VCI 144
PRI 145
Working Memory 120
Processing Speed 115
Full Scale 142

Thanks so much for your help!