Hello. My son is 8 years old and in second grade. I am considering applying for Young Scholars (assuming his scores come out in the appropriate range), but am not sure whether it would be reasonable to even try since he is more one-sided in his talents. He is very strong in math - it is always way too easy at school - even though the school has tried to make a number of accomodations, every teacher he has ever had has ended up saying they have never had a child even close to this advanced in math and have no idea how to teach him. However, his reading and writing are just a bit ahead for his age. He works in the higher groups for those, but is fine with those groups for now. I am in the process of having him tested for ADHD (brothers have it - he is more just spacey and tends to work slowly on things). The tester told me that he probably does have some level of ADHD - that may be part of the reason for his reading and writing not being as far ahead.

I don't know the exact scores yet. Here is what I have so far:

WISC scores were:

Verbal Comprehension 144
Perceptual Organization 145
Working Memory 120
Processing Speed 115
Full Scale 142

I believe GAI would be around 151-152 based on my estimates, but not sure. If anyone knows how to calculate that it would be great.

He took WJ. I do not have the scores for that, but got some feedback from the tester after the test. She said she thought math likely would be in the appropriate range. Reading will be lower. She said on the math, his speed was okay (around 5th grade level), but the other two portions were the highest she has ever seen (for a child around this age) and she specializes in testing gifted kids and has done it for a really long time.

Anyway, if anyone has any insight on whether Young Scholars ever accepts kids who are more one-sided in their talents it would be helpful and also on whether you think those WISC scores could be high enough given the lower reading scores it would be really helpful.