Deep breath...Hi! I have only posted a couple of times and have mostly been lurking, but I am so excited tonight I need to tell somebody somewhere!

DD7 has been having issues with a neighbor-girl who is also a classmate and good friend. They have been arguing, and the other little girl has come off the bus in tears a few times. Her mom called this evening to "discuss" it, and how her DD is sensitive, and crying ("why is __ so mean to me?") Now DD can definitely be bossy (very bossy) but (granted I'm her mother) she doesn't seem malicious or mean, so I wasn't sure what exactly was going on. Another mother told me that her daughter has had problems w/ the other girl, too, and that my DD stood up for her DD.

DD told me that she gets so mad at this girl b/c she doesn't like the way she treats other kids ("and she's always mean to the kids who are shy, or just embarrassed b/c she's yelling at them!") So, whoa, that's quite different than what it looked like coming home off the bus...

More long story, but her teacher called tonight and said DD is a wonderful child. She confirmed the DD was being completely honest that she is standing up for other kids. Teacher described the other girl as a bully that gets upset when DD stands up to her. She said DD is strong-willed, and often her voice might be the loudest, and she can work on her tone, but her behavior and words are completely appropriate. I am SO PROUD of my girl for standing up for other kids! I am so proud of her honesty and integrity!

I received some more good news from the conversation: DD got into the gifted program!! Her teacher stressed that it was top secret as the official results have not been sent out yet(I guess it's ok on an "anonymous" forum, however ;))

I'm too proud to go to sleep.


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