My 11 year old son, who did musical theater since age 4 and really enjoyed singing with a group where he only occasionally sang solo parts, usually only one or two lines because he was a little shy about singing solo, was asked to do a lead singing part in song from the musical Annie for the county 4H talent show. He was so worried the night before and also backstage that he would not do well, but there wasn't anyone else in the group who could do it, so he was determined to do his best. He did very well and his group won second place. I was very proud of him because this was another fear that he overcame. For some reason speaking or acting in front of a large group did not bother him, but singing by himself made him nervous. I wanted to show the video to his acting teacher but we found out later that day that she had died in her sleep early that morning. She was only 38 years old and she had an 11 month old baby. She and the musical theater group were such a big part of our lives and we are still in shock.