DD 2.8 has become obsessed with mazes, so much so that I laminated 30 so she can use a dry erase marker on them, she did them all through twice in one sitting today....and for the past week...she has been demostrating addition

"mommy, there are 2 people in this car. Me and you. One person is in daddy's car" (this is when we took seperate cars the other day to dinner) "2 people plus 1 persone equals three people"


when I asked her how many animals were in the picture she said "3" I said and if another pig came how many pigs would there be. She said "4"


today she walked up to her dad and said "1+1=2 daddy"

She has also been rhyming like crazy....she wil sit in the car, say a word and then say as many rhyming words as she can. The on to another word. She does this while driving, while walking around the house...She even came up to me while I was lying on the couch and said "couch rhymes with grouch" smile

She is absolutly amazing me lately.!
Homeschooling on a remote island at the edge of the world.