DS (27 months) has been full of clever-but-hilarious comments lately. My two favourites:

1. He called our attention to an airplane flying over and I asked him how many people he thought could fit in an airplane.
DS: Maybe... ten.
Me: Do you think they could fit a hundred people in an airplane?
DS: How 'bout we go on a airplane and count all the people? When we get our rocket packs, we fly up in the air and catch up to that airplane.

2. At the park yesterday, I was insisting that he go feet first down the big slides (it's enough for me that he's already mastered the 'age 5-12' section of the playground, LOL) despite the fact that an older girl next to him was going headfirst. Very helpfully, the girl chipped in that you have to be a bigger kid to go headfirst because you have to know how to put your hands out and stop yourself before hitting your head. I asked her age, she said she was 4, almost 5, so I told DS that when he's 4, we can think about trying the slides head first. So, on the way home, this ensued:

DS: I think I got ahead... now I'm four!
Me: Haha, no, you're not four yet, you're still two. When you're four, you'll go to kindergarten. [we have junior K here that starts at 4]
DS: And when I'm three, I go to preschool. And when I'm five, I go to the playground! And when I'm a car, I go in the road!