My little Bear has been going to Music Together classes for 8 weeks now. He has thrown tantrums about going, refused to talk to anyone in class, refused to take off his shoes (can't leave without shoes...), refused to get off my lap, refused to join in the dancing part or let me join in (sensory issues and transition issues there), etc... Luckily the teacher has a son with Downs and is very understanding with sensitive kids.

He LOVES the classes though and eventually separated from me enough to get instruments and put them away.

This last class (8) I made a deal with him. If he got to bring brightly colored giraffe then he would take off his shoes (prior to this I had managed one shoe off for one song). It's a big deal because shoes aren't actually allowed in class. Well he did it! He made it through the whole class and actually participated and talked to the teacher and everything!!!!!!!!! {happy dance} The teacher finally got to see the Bear that I know!

He was horrid to be around the rest of the day. It totally took it out of him (wish he had just passed out! lol), but he did it!

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