DD2 has recently started surprising us with things. I just realized last night that she can count objects now. Before she would "count" and just keep going, but I watched her discover it last night and I thought it was pretty great seeing how quick she figured it out as she pointed to items in a book. It was also pretty neat because while I hate getting the "he is so smart" comments about DS5 that he gets ALL the time, I actually felt quite happy when DD was getting a haircut yesterday and the hairdresser was surprised at the things that DD was saying and the things that she knew since she had just turned 2. She commented "wow, she is a really smart little girl" I think it is the first time I have heard someone say that about her. I hear how cute she is all the time, but it made me happy to hear that it's not all about DS (even though it has always been hard to miss with him).

And she is getting quite the personality and is so creative and funny. Today she had a big reaction on her arm from a bug bite and she was laughing pointing at it telling us that there was a little frog with glasses on, on her arm. (At first we were a bit concerned she was hallucinating since she has been sick with a high fever since yesterday...but she wasn't that hot at the time when she said that. And then we were a little concerned again 5 minutes later when she randomly said "where did the music go?" when there had been no music playing, LOL). She makes us laugh.