Mr W got to go to Ikea for the first time last weekend.

Inside, DW and W found a set of those wire tree toys. Mr W has loved these since he first saw one. He enjoys moving all the buttons over to one side then pushing them all back over. The really large ones keep him enthralled for hours.

Mr W and and 3 year old boy were working the toys. Mr W would solve one, then go to the next. Then he got to the toy the 3 year old was on. Mr W desperately wanted to play with it, but stood by, waiting for the 3 year old to finish.

The 3 year old then noticed that Mr W had a pacifier. And he immediately reached out and tried to yank it from Mr W's mouth.

With his teeth clenched onto the pacifier, Mr W pulled the 3 year old's hands off him, and very clearly yelled, "NOOO! Bad Boy!!"