Minnie, if Frenchie has read every Enid Blyton - what did he think of the Wishing Chair books? I'm wondering if were typical or different from her usual. We have the two-in-one volume, afraid I don't like it much at all, though this is possibly due to the circumstances in which it was read.

"Egypt Game" was Zilpha Keatley Synder - she has written many very good books, which fortunately our library has not yet thrown off the shelves in spite of their aged covers.

Looking up the spelling of Snyder's name, I was reminded by Amazon of "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin. This is a mystery that DD12 enjoyed quite a lot perhaps two years ago. We've been looking for something similar off and on since then - haven't quite hit it yet. As I recall, plot, point of view, and language were all somewhat more complex than is typical in mysteries written for pre-teens. I enjoyed it a lot myself, not sure how I missed reading it as a child.

(There are so *many* good books....)