I have three children who all seem to be gifted some have different strength/weaknesses then the others they are all three very different...

however my youngest who is 7 1/2mo. old has just blown me away these passed few months and im just wondering when everyone elses gifted kids started doing things??

DD7 1/2mo.

smiled at 4wks
rolled over at 2mo.
sat unassisted at 4mo.
said "BABA" and "DADA" at 4 1/2mo.
crawled at 5mo.
pulled up at 5 1/2mo.
crusing at 5 1/2mo.
letting go and standing alone 5 1/2mo.
started saying "I DID IT" at 6mo.
also started "ALL DONE" AT 6 1/2MO.
getting into standing alone in middle of the room 7mo.
said "Good" "Hey" and "Yes" 7mo.
walking 7 1/2mo.
saying "got it" 7 1/2mo.

she also insists on being treated like the older children with her everything must be fair and equal and if the older kids have something she will pitch a fit if she does not get the same
if they have a snack she must have one too, if they are in the bath she must get in too, if i put thier shoes on she has to have shoes too you get the idea..
shes always alert constantly listening to our conversations and paying a large amount of attention to her surrondings

the other day she climbed up on her brothers bed then instead of falling down sat on the edge and cried till i came and got her then when i asked her brother and sister if they put her up there they said "no" and she said "i did it" so i put a toy she wanted up there and sure enough she climbed up there

so anyways is this normal for gifted kids?? when did your kids do these things??