Minnimarx and Austin - your kids just wow me everytime I read a new story! Good souls all around smile

We have a pretty good one - ds8 put up his first ROCKET today at the novaar launch, which they do about every month or two in a nearby field.
I think he was pretty pooped from the hike he took with boy scouts this morning (another nice first for him and dh, actually!) so he was getting a bit cranky towards the end.

He built the rocket from an estes kit about 2 months ago and we've been waiting for another launch date. The first go was perfect, straight up, very high and the parachute popped perfectly. I don't think he really understood that it was a bit of an achievement for an 8 year old to do all this pretty well on this own...The folks running it were asking a few questions, 'Did he build it himself, etc.' They had a nice certificate they were able to give to him for his first official launch.
He had a bit of a hike on the first launch, but the second one, came down nearly in his lap and everyone thought that was really great! He thought it was wonderful he didn't have to take another hike wink
A very fun time, a nice bunch of people. Very encouraging.