A couple days back we took dd3 in for a 3-year checkup. She is a little off-the-chart weight-wise, and 95th percentile height. The dr. recommended cutting back on higher fat foods, which is fine by me, but she said the brain doesn't need so much fat anymore, "by age 2 all the connections are made".
I was sort of surprised, that was not the impression I had. Maybe most, but certainly not all connections. ??
I mean, I am sitting here reading on the side of my Milk Carton that the brain 'quadruples in size in the first 5 years of life'. What is the last 3 years full of, just fluff?

Weird. So I found this after digging around a bit. Anyone have any other references on early or lifelong brain dev.?
Brain Development Info

Usually our pediatrician is pretty good, but this seemed like a 'miss' to me.