DD 7 is HG with a severe LD in writing, with high school level achievement scores in reading. We've been hoping to transition her back to public school next year. We just met with the principal of the local elementary to discuss third grade possibilities. He said: he doesn't believe in grade skips because "research shows" it harms kids academically and socially; his teachers don't like to differentiate for gifted kids because they're overwhelmed by the needs of the kids at the other end of the spectrum; my daughter can help tutor other kids in language arts and this will be valuable for self-esteem; the school's priority is raising reading scores in the Grade 4 exams that all students have to write, and after Grade 4 we can talk again. There is a 1 hour a week gifted pull-out with the school librarian. We didn't even get into any LD support issues--he was in a rush. I'm thinking we have to keep HSing, since it's worked really well and our main reason for school was so I could work full-time (book project to finish!). Thoughts? Any advice welcome--the tutoring suggestion worried me, especially, but maybe I'm being overly sensitive?