Our montessori school called me today and they feel that DD4 is ready to go to their Kindergarten program in the Fall. She turned 4 in March.

This happened with DD8, with a late Nov Bday. With DD8, we put her with her age group when we moved her to public school. Mistake, we didn't know how far ahead she was compared to the Public school. I now complain a lot that DD8 isn't challenged. I know my husband will be worried about more complaining from me smile. I am worried that DD8 might be very upset if we decide to leave DD4 ahead, Of course that will be 3 yrs in the future so we have time to deal with that drama later.

Feedback, thoughts. Is it just to young? Age deadline is 5 by 9/1 and she'd be 5 in March. I tend to go with the recommendation of the teachers who work with her everyday who think she is ready.