I need some advice and even samples for how to write a advocacy letter for my DD for Kindergarten placement.

Situation--> After quite a bit of agonizing and analysis, we have decided on the public school route for our DD (4.5). Thankfully here in CA, the cutoff is Dec 1st, so she qualifies for K when she is not quite 5. Choosing public over gited private was in part because of a meeting I had with the principal of the public school that my DD would be going to who was very open to accomodating DD's learning requirements. She suggested that I write a letter explaining the skills, interests and learning style preferences so that they can place her appropriately. She was also pretty frank about teaching styles and personalities of the different teachers and was candid about the fact that not all teacher may be a good fit for DD. This is a large elementary schoolwith 8 sections of entering kindergarteners and 2 shifts. So it would be pretty easy for a child to get lost here. What should I include in the letter? Should I include her WIPPSI scores? I don't want to come across as a pushy mom even before we are in the school. Please advice..