I don't have advice to offer but as I've discussed with you before, we seem to have similar kids. I've been wondering the same things you've expressed above though I have not discussed my concerns yet with administrators.

Since beginning homeschooling just a month or so ago, I can see that DS will be at high school level math before too long. We are currently doing the Aleks program and just methodically going through each level, I think will reach high school level math within the next year or so. (He took the Explore test and got a 94% in math against 8th graders. I've wondered whether to jump him ahead but have opted not to because I don't want him to have gaps in his learning and figure there is no rush.)

I'm anxious to hear what your administrators say with your situation. Please keep us posted. I'm afraid we may be dealing with the same issues here.

One thing I do want to mention is something I found out about just the other day. I can't remember where you are located in Michigan but in the Ann Arbor area, it is possible to begin a sort of dual enrollment highschool/college through Washtenaw Community College. It's called Washtenaw Technical Middle College. Kids are required to have 5 credits worth of 9th grade level work (they outline the requirements, english, math, etc.) before being admitted to the school. I'm really hoping there is no age requirement but I imagine there is. I'm also not sure how this works for homeschoolers but intend to find out.

The school does not require a high school diploma before entrance and upon graduation kids get both the HS diploma and the number of college credits they take for transfer to a 4 year college or as a 2 year concurrent associate's degree.

I was so relieved to hear that there was another option locally for us. Perhaps a similar one exists where you are? I understand your concerns as there is no gifted legislation in Michigan. Your daughter should get credit for the work she's done regardless of her grade/age when she takes it.

Good luck! smile