For anyone who has followed our saga. My DD9 currently attends our public school for ELA and homeschools all the other subjects. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the possibility of her attending the Michigan Virtual School for high school credits. (She would continue to take ELA in a seated class.) This would allow her to take the higher level classes she wants to take, and be able to work toward a diploma from our high school. The real added bonus...the independent learning classes use PLATO! So she could take PLATO science, history and even math when she is ready. They also have traditional classes, and flex classes available.

My meeting is with the superintendant of curriculum, the assistant superintendant of schools. She is the one who approved my DD9's partial day so I'm really hoping she will be open to this. According to the website we may even be able to get the state to pay for some of the cost. I would be over the moon for them to even just give her credits. I'm so nervous...
EPGY OE Volunteer Group Leader