I recently had parent teacher confrence. It was probably one of the saddest I have ever had. DD has always been very happy, until the last three weeks. She has been moody and sullen. I thought it was just occuring at home. The teacher informed me that she has been displaying this in school also. DD is very frustrated at the mind games the girls are playing(2nd grade). The teacher fully admitts there are 4 girls that are doing this in the class. She snapped at one of the girls in a very moody way. Now she is constantly appoligizing everytime i correct an innapproprate behavior, and alwys seems very sad. Add to this that we have been begging for math gt services all year(functions at a 5th grade math level without any instruction), the subject of her gt needs were ignored. The worst and saddest part was they said she needed to see a psychologist.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful.