My DS had been going to the same private school since pre-K4. When he was in the 2nd grade, he started behaving differently. First, we noticed he wasn't eating good. Then, he would complain of not feeling well and didn't want to go to school. Then, at night when he was supposed to be sleeping, he would kick the sides of his bed and the wall with his foot. We thought he just didn't want to go to sleep or was playing because he wasn't tired. Once I realized there may be something going on at school, I questioned him. He wouldn't tell me anything.

Finally, after prodding my DS repeatedly to tell me what was going on, he told me that his teacher had asked the kid (the class bully) sitting behind him to poke my DS with his pencil eraser everytime my DS was not working. What do you think a bully will do with that bit of freedom? You guessed it. He not only poked my DS with the sharp end of the pencil, he proceeded to punch, kick, trip, and in a stabbing fashion hit my DS with a ruler. Realizing that the bully was getting away with it, another kid joined in. This went on for weeks! The teacher's desk was no more than 2 feet behind the desk of the bully. She denied the whole thing and said she never saw anything happen. What a load of ****! My DS is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet. Why would he make up such a outrageous story? I was so angry!! I wanted to go to that school and give that woman everything she caused and allowed to happen to my son.

This teacher wasn't too happy that he wouldn't "stay on task" and do his work, so she decided to punish him. Amazing! We went to the principal about it the next day (it was 11:00 pm when I found out the truth). We had a meeting with him and the teacher. She lied and got totally away with it! I immediately took both of my kids out of that school and did not pay another cent of what I owed them (over $4,000). Funny thing though, they never asked for it. Last I heard she was no longer teaching at that school.

One thing that I still think about to this day is the fact that my DS didn't tell me what was going on because the teacher is the one who told the bully to act. He didnt' know he could tell on an adult who is in charge. Please make sure your children understand that just because someone is an adult, teacher, policeman...doesn't mean they won't do wrong and you can't tell on them. Of course, my DS never hesitated to tell me after that. Now he tells on his teachers for not teaching the way he thinks they should. wink