We got back from our visit to SIL's for Easter. On the flight, we sat with a woman from Venezuela. We told her MR W understood Spanish. I'm sure she thought, "Yeah right, these crazy gringos." So, she started talking to him in Spanish and he warmed up to her, pointing things out and babbling back.

There was a mom with two kids sitting in front of us on the flight's next leg. The DS was five and chattered away like a 13 year old and the DD who was very alert and maybe two was called "Boo" by the mom. Coincidence?? Let me know.

Mr W (14mo) was making eyes at both of them and had a great time on the plane.

He spent two hours carefully watching SIL's kids then joined in with them, playing with all their games. SIL's DD is 2 and is counting to 30 and doing 30 piece puzzles. ( SIL is in full GT denial. )

For the Easter Egg Hunt, Mr W knew what he had to do right away, taking his basket, looking for eggs, etc. He filled up his basket to the brim.

Mr W took all the stuff out of the dishwasher for SIL one morning and tried to put some of it away where he thought it should go. She just let him and watched.

BIL then asked later, "Where is all the stuff? Its all over the place!!!"