I have a very similar situation with my DD6. She was early talking (and has never stopped eek ) and read early as well, but her interest and passion is definitely in imaginative play, drawing, creating elaborate 3-d scenes to go along with what ever play she and her toys are in. She is currently burning through the Magic treehouse series of books and is making the items that the characters in the books bring back home with them! (All miniature in size - the largest is a scroll about 4 inches wide and 10 inches long.)
A friend has a similar child and has asked one of the local art teachers from the school district if she would be interested in giving our kids a summer "art camp". It owuld be just 2 or three kids, with lots of freedom to create as they like, with guidance from her. She has said she likes the idea, and is trying to fit it into her schedule.

I agree with Arminius, that for my daughter she is not passionate about academics because it has not been hard enough to be interesting for her as of yet. (we're working on that for next year.)