I don't have any specific advice for you, but I can empathize with your situation. My DD5 is in the 140 IQ range, but she has little interest in "academics." She is EXTREMELY verbal, but she doesn't care much about learning to read or working with numbers. She is, however, REALLY into science and thinks very scientifically. She can tell you in detail how pollination works, about insect life cycles, animal habitats, etc. We had her tested because we knew she wasn't "normal," but I wasn't ready to use the "gifted" label because she has no interest in traditional areas (such as early reading) usually associated with gifted children. There are days when I seriously wonder if she really is gifted (until she uses words like "probiscus" in regular conversation!), but I'm even more worried because she is not looking forward to starting kindergarten next year. We actually pulled her out of preschool this year because she was bored (although she's not an early reader, the "letter of the week" thing got old after about a month) - and she associates kindergarten with the same experience.

For your daughter, I like the idea of private art classes with someone who can appreciate her uniqueness and talent - I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to find a professional artist willing to mentor her. People who are passionate about their talent often love to work with kids who are passionate about the same things. We're thinking of finding a local scientist (either archeologist or entomologist, as those are her current passions) who might be willing to show her a lab and talk about research. Good luck!