I was also artistic as a child but HATED most art classes. I mean, come on, are they really going to force every child to draw the exact same thing in exactly the same way? Yuck.

But when I was a bit older, I had some truly great art classes. The important thing, IMHO, is that they be taught by artists. Artists (should) understand that creativity is key. So they (should) introduce a topic/medium/technique and provide tips and critiques, but let all the students interpret however they like. I think that can be incredibly helpful for any artist, young or old. I think if you keep your eyes and ears open, you should be able to find a class (or organize a class) that will suit her. If she can handle it socially, a class for older kids or even adults might work.

Oh, and I did drama class as a kid (with selective mutism) and I loved it. As I recall, it was more about motion, observation, and body awareness, than about speaking. We did a lot of miming-type work. I don't recall having to talk at all, actually, but I'm sure all classes are different.

Most of all, I guess, I would say that if you keep her supplied with materials and time, and visit art museums whenever you get a chance, she will be absolutely fine. smile