What about private art classes? You could explain to the instructor your daughter's need to "follow her own idea" and ask for lessons that will allow for freedom rather than structure.

If she likes to write, what about setting her up a blog for friends and family to post her work? There is another thread on here regarding kid friendly blogging. Buy her a journal to save her stories.

Buy her a digital camera and teach her how to use it. Download a good photo program so that she can edit her photos. Photos can go on her blogsite to support her stories. Teach her to scrapbook her photos. Good scrapbookers are very creative. Build a puppet theater and show her how to make puppets. She can put on a big show for the family! Does she like music? Sign her up for lessons on the instrument of her choice.

There are many sites on the web regarding different art forms. Explore a few together. My littles and I have done pounded copper art and cave paintings with lard and ashes. Make mud pies artistically!

The most important thing is that you enjoy the project and each other!
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