We need more brags!!

This is not my story, but something told to me by a retired USAF pilot who volunteers at a local flight museum.

The Old Fighter Pilot (OFP) sees a 12 year old girl walking around the museum. She stops to look at each plane, then sees an open-cockpit trainer from the 1940s and runs over to it. She looks the plane over carefully, climbs on the wing, and gets in the cockpit, her head barely clears the windscreen.

The OFP walks over to the plane while the girl works the controls, looking out the cockpit to see each control surface move.

OFP: "Say, young lady, do you know what this plane is?"

Girl: "Yessir, its a PT-23."

OFP:"Would you like me to show you how to fly it?"

Girl:"No thanks. I fly it all the time."

Just then the dad comes up and told the OFP that he had one and the girl had recently soloed in it.