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How I missed this thread, I don't know but better late than never.

Did you know that when the US is planning on building a new prison they base the number of beds on the reading scores of the 4th graders in the state?

Current statistics show that 65% of children in 4th grade are below level in reading. The government has determined that of those 65%, 85% will at some point go to prison.

The drop out rate of GT kids is 5%. The functional illiteracy rate in prison is 80%. GT kids as a general rule are not illiterate nor functioning below grade level in 4th grade.

I think if you break this out by race, it presents a different picture. I also think if you broke this out by school district origins, it would paint a picture. And whether the kid had a stable upbringing with two caregivers.

Here is the breakdown from the DOJ.


Quick graph on crime types. Note that violent crimes are not ID as to whether drug related - but many are.