Austin, I had always been more the vagabond type as well, bringing as few supplies as possible. I love the toddler age when they are so excited to explore. It is great fun to follow them around and see how they interact with the world. Enjoy it. Unfortunately with three the stroller is sometimes necessary. I do try to take them places one on one as much as I can. Have you noticed in the elevator the alarm button is the closest to the ground and brightly colored just for little ones? wink

Seablue,I think kid leashes are sad. Knowing my kids they would crawl the whole time so they could pretend they were dogs. I think pushing a stroller and holding two leashes with barking children attached to the ends would draw unwanted attention.

Really though to me the leashes seem disrespectful to the child. No offense to any one who uses them, this is just my opinion. I also want them to learn to listen to my words and develop the self control to stay with me and follow the rules even when they don't feel like it. I know this is a process and DS2 is practicing these things now. When he gets it he will just stay with me. To me this is worth temporary aggravation.
DS will have a couple one on one outings planed here soon. He needs some practice and some special mommy time with out the baby.