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Thanks Shelly! I couldn't be more proud! I say cherish each moment. They're 6 months, then they're 6 years and I'm sure I'll blink and she'll be driving! It goes so fast!

ahh..that makes me a little teary. So true. I was singing to DD last night and rocking her before bed and thinking about her growing up. Of course DS4 wanted me to carry him to bed last night up the stairs. Holy cow, he is like 50 pounds. Every time I do it (lately maybe once a week or every other) I tell him "this may be the last night because you just keep growing!"

Anyhow on a brag note, this morning DS was doing Math equations outloud (a regular breakfast occurance at our house). He starts adding negative numbers...which kind of surprised me (we have never talked much about negative numbers...and certainly not equations with negative numbers). So then he says "So then -5 - (-6) = 1" (he paused for a couple seconds in between to figure it out. I was quite confused as to how he knew that. I asked him "who taught you that" and he gives me his usual "no one did, I just figured it out" That is just so odd to me. He went on to explain to me that he knew he was right because he was subtracting a negative, but that if he was adding a negative it would be a bigger negative. Yikes.

I still remember when I was a few years old than him and someone said to me "what is 2-3?" And I proudly said "you can't do that...there is no answer" and then he shocked me by saying "it's negative 1, there are numbers under 0" I remember feeling shocked...like I had been deceived all that time, LOL. And there is just one of the many differences between me and DS4, LOL.