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And don't even get me started on the 4yo asking me about division today in the car because he already gets addition and subtraction up to several digits, and even gets the basics of multiplication already, figuring one- and 2-digit problems there. He's just blowing my mind with the math! ...He's pretty much learning all of arithmetic in something like 3 months... eek

That sounds just like my DS4, he has always been into math, skip counting, adding subtracting. But in the fall he got really into multiplication and division. It was really fun watching his mind work...it always is.

About DS4, he is on his last day of testing today. The psychologist told me what a wonderful boy he is and obviously how he is bright, but what meant a lot to me is that she talked about how caring and empathatic he is. That is so important to me. He really is quite cute. The other day while I was waiting for him to do his testing I was trying to figure out some cube thing in the waiting room (you know those puzzles where you make cubes out of the blocks), anyhow he came back out and saw that I hadn't finished and that instead I was reading a book. He said "did you quit mom?" I hesitated and said "well yes, I worked at it for a while and couldn't get it so I took a break" He said "it's okay mom, really...that happens to me sometimes too."

And with my DD20 months she is talking so much more now. It is cute. This morning on the way out to the car she was imitating bird calls and I said "you like the birdies?" and she yelled out "I love you birdies!" And a few mornings ago I started giving her her own bowl of cereal so she doesn't have to eat all mine. So she kept wanting mine. I pointed and said "this is your cereal, and this one is mommies cereal" Then she clearly states "I want mommies cereal" I am really enjoying her talking and telling us what she wants (most of the time), LOL.