LOL, OHG! Honesty IS the best policy! laugh

I have one for each of my kids to share, too:

There's a museum in the general area that has a Surrealism exhibit now. So I asked if DS7 was interested. He just about jumped out of his seat he was so excited!

When a 7yo is fired up about going to the art museum because he thinks Salvador Dali's work is interesting to study, that's cool! We did some with Surrealism last year, but he seems to be getting it on a deeper level this year. It's good.

I think he's just so fun to talk to. He is interested in so many things. I'm a very proud Mom!

And don't even get me started on the 4yo asking me about division today in the car because he already gets addition and subtraction up to several digits, and even gets the basics of multiplication already, figuring one- and 2-digit problems there. He's just blowing my mind with the math! It's so different from the way his brother presented as GT, but it's pretty unmistakable now. He's pretty much learning all of arithmetic in something like 3 months... eek

To those who cry "GT denial"...I don't think I was in GT denial before. I think he just wasn't showing yet. But if I was in denial before, I'm not now!
Mom to DS13 and DS10