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OH No Austin! There was just a news story sadly about a 3yr that let himself out of the house in only a diaper and t-shirt. He froze to death. Very tragic.

We are getting door boopers to help out here at home.

Saturday I was in the family bathroom at the mall with him and he opened the door while I was occupied. crazy

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Austin, we use those white caps that go over the door knobs to keep the littl'un in the house because she's been trying for quite a while too.

Our babysitter has arthritis and the front door is a latch, not a knob, so it would not help there and would hinder her otherwise. Mr W can take things apart and can operate the wheel on a mouse now so I am not sure how long the doorknob things would stop him. He can almost climb out of his crib - I caught him trying to get his leg up this weekend. We had to take the stuffed toys out as he was standing on one to get extra height.

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