DD-almost-3 was listening to ds8 discourse on the various yu-gi-oh cards and their properties. He paused for a few minutes to check something out the window (I was driving). When he started up again, he said, 'She's completely weak! Completely weak!', referring to a female character on one of the cards.
Dd assumed this was about her, so she said 'I am not completely WEAK and I'm not completely powerful!' I thought, that's a pretty good command of 'opposites'.

Austin, we use those white caps that go over the door knobs to keep the littl'un in the house because she's been trying for quite a while too.
I remember my mother had a story about finding me halfway down the block in just my diapers...but I was the 5th kid, so I could definitely see having plenty of time to 'work the problem' of the door knob.