where is everybuddy? No posts in 2-3 days!! I'm missing you all.

Today's the big day. Bless their hearts the district called yesterday afternoon and said they will meet with us today for 1.5 hours to do his IEP.

The sped teacher said they will only address his special needs, not his giftedness on the IEP. The state gifted director says they have to do both!!! arggggggh!

The principal said that while they will not address it on the IEP, he, the district gifted ed director and I will map out a plan for Mite's gifted needs and he plans on accomodating our requests. I wish they had some wisdom to add cuz I'm scared my requests aren't going to be all Mite needs cuz I don't know what I am doing. However, the district will probably not follow the states suggestion that Mite be accelerated at least 1 grade because they a) don't have to by law and b) feel the 3rd grade gifted cluster teacher will be a good match with Mite and is willing to do "compacted" curriculum with him. They will consider acceleration during the year if she recommends it. They feel she will be the best to assess his needs in the school environment.

Well, I know her and do think she's a great teacher. Plus, Mite always wanted to have her for a teacher because that's who his brother had in 3rd grade and she and Mite hit it off when I was doing volunteer work.

I can't wait to see what the gifted director, who used to be a professor at the local U and taught many of the faculty and staff (so no one contradicts him on anything), has to say about Mite's scores.

We did get Mite in to a neuropsych. who specializes in working with gifted. She said, after his initial interview, that his test scores are depressed and he will score clinically significantly higher when the fne motor component is removed from testing. She recommended the SB LM and the SB V, but says to wait until he's over "testing burn-out" and has had a chance to process all these changes in his life.

Ok.. ramblin done. Wish me luck. Any last minute advice is more than welcome!
Willa Gayle