My 16 yo son (sophomore) was accepted to the private university on a full-time basis.

This year he has been attending a state university through distance education (telecasts) at the high school and taking AP courses.
We are working at finding scholarships for him, but he is actually too young for most of them. You have to be a junior in high school or have a high school diploma to qualify for most, which he isn't and won't get.
So besides a couple of scholarships we are waiting word on, he will have to wait and apply for more next year. This is a hardship on our family...but I'm hoping it's only one year.

Also, my 17 year old daughter was accepted to the same university, and she has been awarded two scholarships so far. She is graduating with 75 college credits and has a strong gpa, so we are optimistic for more scholarships for her hard work. The scholarship awards arrive mainly in March.

So, I will have 3 (16, 17, 20)of my 4 at the same university next year. Kind of exciting in our house!

(BTW does anyone know of a forum more geared to gifted kids and their parents that are high school/college aged?)