This is not a brag. It just is.

Mr W had his 1 yr check up today.

We walked into the office holding his hand and he walked and ran a bit around the office. He then went through DW's purse, opening her wallet, pulling her phone from its case, then sorting the piles of stuff around him. He got ahold of DW's cell phone, dialed some numbers, and then held up the phone to his ear and said, "Whats up?" We went over to the fish tank and he said Fish and pointed at them. (We do not have one at home.)

This is "normal" to us. I know its not normal. But, we don't even think about it anymore.

There were other kids there and Mr W was more like the three year olds than the ones his age. In fact, he was the only kid who looked at everything and everyone in the room - and he smiled at everyone, too.

When the Dr looked at him, he examined her tools and then quietly and observantly submitted to the exam. He let her look at his ears, his teeth, and then laid down for the rest of it when she asked. He really wanted to look at her opthalmoscope when she laid it down, ( so did I, LOL) but did not reach for it. He did not cry on the first shot.

Then the Dr asked, out the blue, "How many words DOES he know?"

Which sort of took us back. We went over his Spanish and English vocab. ( He is up to at least 20+ words in English and Maybe 100 in Spanish - he knows his colors. )

The Dr is usually in and out, but she spent 20 minutes with us. The last thing she told us was, "W is UNUSUALLY advanced. You will have a wonderful and amazing time with him over the next few years. I look forward to seeing how he grows and develops."